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This Finder's Agreement (the "Agreement") dated as of [insert date] is entered into by [insert name of party retaining the finder] (the "Company") [if this party is an individual and not an entity then substitute the last name of individual for "Company" here and below] and [insert name of company or individual providing the finder services] (the "Finder").
In consideration of the mutual promises, terms and conditions stated below the parties agree as follows.
Finder's Services. Finder will use best efforts to introduce individuals or entities to Company that may result in Company entering into the following business transaction with those introduced to it: [insert description of business transaction]
Compensation. In consideration for Finder's services Company agrees to pay Finder a Finder's Fee for each introduction that results in the parties entering into a business transaction as follows: [insert fixed dollar amount per successful introduction or % of business transaction's value or other form of payment]. No Finder’s Fee shall be due or payable until Company has entered into the business transaction with those the Finder introduced and has received full payment of the funds from the introduced party to the transaction.
Relationship of Parties. The Finder's relationship with Company is that of independent contractor. This Agreement is not intended to create an employer-employee relationship. The compensation stated above is the sole compensation due Finder for the services provided. Finder is responsible for paying all taxes levied on the compensation income and understands that Company will not withhold any amounts for payment of payroll or related taxes from Finder's compensation.
Finder's role in implementing this Agreement shall be only to introduce to the Company potential participants in the business transaction. Finder shall not engage in any negotiations, advise or make recommendations concerning the transaction. Finder shall have no right to represent or bind the Company to third parities or act in the Company's name. Finder's relationship with Company is not exclusive; Company may engage other finders.
Term. The term of this Agreement shall be for ________ months from the date of this Agreement and shall automatically terminate at the end of this period, unless renewed in writing by both of parties. In addition, either party upon ten (10) days written notice to the other party may terminate this Agreement at any earlier time.
Entering into Transaction. Nothing in this Agreement shall obligate Company to engage in a business transaction with the parties introduced by Finder. The decision to enter into the business transaction is totally within Company's sole absolute discretion.
Electronic Signatures. This Agreement and any written notice, consent, agreement or document provided for in this Agreement shall be deemed signed if the person's name is placed on the document whether by manual signature, electronic transmission or facsimile transmission by the person.
Other Provisions. This Agreement embodies the entire understanding between the parties with regard to its subject matter and replaces all prior agreements. This agreement may not be assigned or modified without the written consent of both parties. This agreement is governed by the law of the state of ________________, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any notice to either party may be sent by email, United States Mail or expedited delivery service.

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of:
(Usually the state in which you are conducting business)
Name:   Title: (Optional)   Date:
Name:   Title: (Optional)   Date:

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