Response By: GP Marketing
18. February 2010 02:55

Location: Maryland
Type: Marketing
Contact: Gretchen Parks

Company Description:
This marketing company is geared toward network marketers who are struggling to overcome the 4 main obstacles to a successful business. Plan your next move at where you will find out how to turn your business around, get more leads and make more money in the next 90 days.


The biggest challenge I had in network marketing was going against the grain of my personality and forcing myself to speak to random people about my business. I was forcing myself to be like a very small portion of the population that has the innate ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. I was much more shy and once I started learning the correct way to market online, my business has really taken off. This was because I didn't have to market to strangers anymore or worry about inserting my business in every conversation I had with people. I was free to let people come to me through my marketing and the people who come to me now are already interested in what I have to offer.

I have time to work with people who are serious about changing their lifestyles. Contact me through my blog at anytime for a personal call from me.

Response By:
7. February 2010 15:18

Location: Palm Harbor, FL
Type: Financing/freight shipping
Contact: Toby Brandenburgh

Company Description:
A one-stop shop for financing your business equipment and shipping frieght!


My biggest challenge has been finding more customers to serve. We have the resources to finance anything that doesn't float or fly and the ability to ship anything anywhere. I won't say that I've "overcome" that challenge yet. It's more like an ongoing challenge...

Response By: New MLM Top Secrets
6. February 2010 02:52

Location: Florida
Type: MLM
Contact: Ben DeWitt

Company Description:
Ben DeWitt is an attraction marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. His mission is to help entrepreneurs in ALL MLM COMPANIES prosper and build their business in a way that is attractive, fun, and empowering. Giving someone the skills that they need to dominate their company and FINALLY break through to the success that they’re looking for is one of his greatest passions in life.


I’m not a car guy.  I have friends who know everything about cars.  They see a car and say, “that a Camry.  There’s a Chevy.  What a great looking Sable.”  (Actually, I can’t imagine anyone saying that.)  I, on the other hand, can tell it’s a car, but not what type unless I’m run over and the emblem is impressed into my forehead.

If you wanted to work in the automobile industry, you would need to work on your car knowledge.  The same is true for your network marketing business, you must know these mlm success tips if you want to be successful in this industry. Your success and growth is not totally dependent on you, but on your team.  This is why it is important that you can offer your highly motivated team these simple, easy to use tips that can be duplicated.

These MLM tips will solidify you as an expert and increase your downline in the next 30 days if you follow them closely.

1. Mindset
If you don’t have the right mindset from the beginning, statistics confirm that you will shut down in the next 63 days.  Everyone starts out with hopes and dreams to create a better future and most end up frustrated and ready to quit when things don’t go the way they thought. You must decide that failure is not an option and that you will not quit. My brother in law is a doctor.  It took him about 9 years and over $200,000 in education to get to where he is now.  With that much invested, I can assure you that he has no intention of quitting.  The same should be true for you.  When you resolve that you will not quit, it’s not a matter of if you are going to succeed, but when.

2. Focus
When you sign up with a particular company, you have to put your blinders on and focus on building that company no matter what anyone else says.  Don’t be a serial entrepreneur and jump from company to company in hopes of a better opportunity.  Go back to why you joined in the first place.  If you believe this company is positioned for success, then you must maintain your focus.  Pursue one company until you’ve gained the results you are looking for.

3. Education
If you want to build your business online, you must learn the methods that suit you best.  If you want to PPC advertising, become a master at it.  If you want to do article marketing, become a master at creating compelling content.  If you interested in free strategies, learn how to master it.  The bottom line is, get educated.

4. System
There are 3 types of individuals you are looking for in network marketing.

Ex-network marketers, current network marketers, people seeking network marketing. Those should be the only people you recruit into your business.  Anyone else is a waste of your time. The way you accomplish recruiting these people is found in the system you use.

These MLM tips, if embraced, will transform your business in the next 30 days. If you want to learn exactly how to succeed from A-Z, visit Ben DeWitt’s blog for more MLM success tips.

Response By: MarketDone
6. February 2010 00:00

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Type: Custom Marketing Plans
Contact: Deanna A. Mims

Company Description:
As your Marketing Opportunity Specialist, I help you adopt a set of “new marketing eyes” to uncover fresh approaches, connections, beliefs and practices to make the most of your skill sets and potential. Utilizing techniques from marketing, communications, public relations, networking, coaching and training, I work collaboratively with you to connect with your niche market to increase sales.


Allow me to offer a couple:

1) I recently purchased 2 amazing deals at a charity media auction - 1) a 10 page website buildout from a local superstar web design company for only $600! worth $2300. Unbelievably no one has bought this from me yet - and i'm not even marking it up, offering it for exactly what I paid for it! 2) a full color, full page ad in a large and popular physicians publication that goes out to over 19,000 Florida doctors offices - for only $900 - again, what I paid for it ($3600 value). BOTH are still available and are completely legit. Why haven't they sold? it's a mystery.

2) Working with vendors/consultants who don't take the same degree of pride their work - but were very affordable and I settled with them being "ok" and "pretty good". NOT a good reflection on me, and a true example of needing to make an investment in trained, committed talented professionals.

3) Bootstrapping my start up company was a good choice for me in so many ways, but I know that I would be ahead in sales  if I had invested in some software/hardware and eucational opportunities up front. Look forward to hearing yours!

Response By: Onyra-lu
5. February 2010 02:14

Location: online (Florida)
Type: art and antiques
Contact: Malorie Shannon

Company Description:
Onyra-lu is an esoteric balance of past and present.


Getting people to my web site, joining my site and getting customers.  I have as of yet overcome this problem. 

Response By: Holtzman Communications
4. February 2010 20:46

Location: New York City
Type: Marketing
Contact: Sandra Holtzman

Company Description:
Holtzman Communications is an integrated advertising, marketing, interactive, and PR agency that specializes in all aspects of biotech/life sciences, IT, pharmaceuticals, nanotech, chemical, emerging and converging technologies, in the specialized, business-to-business and consumer markets. Sandra Holtzman founded the company in 1997. Holtzman Communications delivers savvy marketing and creative ideas that differentiate companies in a highly competitive environment and in ways that help boost their bottom line.


My biggest challenge was in the beginning, about 13 years ago.  There were three simultaneous issues. 

             1. I had never worked for myself 

             2. I was suddenly being offered Creative Director positions on Madison Ave.  (a long time goal)

             3. I was being offered freelance work for large agencies

 I decided that I wanted to explore being in business for myself and take the risks associated with that decision -- financial and other  issues.  So I turned down the Creative Director positions, one of the most difficult things I ever had to do (turning away the achievement of one dream to purse the uncertainty of another). I also did not want to work for other agencies, but wanted to work directly with clients.  That meant less immediate financial gratification and holding out for a longer time until I got those  clients. They came. I never looked back.  It was the best decision I ever made.

Response By: 8-PAC Small Business Discussion Group
4. February 2010 16:47

Location: Washington DC
Type: Small Business Advocacy
Contact: Rudy Sutherland

Company Description:
The 8(a), Veteran, and Woman-Owned Small Business (8VSB)| specializing in working with entrepreneurs, business incubation programs, and strategic alliances; 8-PAC supports candidates for national, state, and local office to enhance our business climate with local, state and federal government; and support our agenda for economic growth.


QUESTION: For those Minority Business owners who sit on the sidelines and hide, waiting for others to do your bidding while you complain about the status quo at staged events where no one can hear you - waiting to benefit for what you have not done... I have a question: Is it success you fear or are you simply practicing the religion and worshiping the god of failure? Please, you know who you are - tell us.

 - Rudy Sutherland, Serial Entrepreneur & Small Business Evangelist

Response By: Wave Strategic Consulting
4. February 2010 13:33

Location: London, England
Type: Management Consultancy
Contact: Gareth Pryce

Company Description:
Helping SME's to make more profit through having a clear set of goals and a roadmap to development.


Most people don't like or want to employ consultants, with good reason. Many don't add much to the businesses they work with and are interested only in their daily fee being paid.

I set up my business four years ago to deliver high quality strategic advice to businesses who are so busy running their operation that they don't always have time to plan ahead or to understand their unique strengths.

My biggest challenge was (and is) to prove that my business is different from the thousands of other consultant knocking on business owners' doors. I do this by taking a 'blue ocean' approach to my own business that makes it fundamentally different (and I think better) to my competitors. I make a virtue of the fact that I employ experienced businesspeople rather than MBA's and that I sometimes emphasise common sense over analytics.

If other advisers had taken this approach perhaps our banks/blue chips wouldn't be in the position they are now.


Response By: JJS Coaching LLC
4. February 2010 02:43

Location: PA
Type: Business Coaching and Marketing Strategy
Contact: Jennifer Davey

Company Description:
Jennifer Davey, Founder of JJS Coaching and Author of the Getting Clients Home Study Program, is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, and Speaker. She helps small businesses and self-employed professionals grow their businesses and develop strategies for getting clients, building business, and making more income.


My biggest challenge in building my business has been learning to let go and delegate. It's been a rough road for me. I knew in my head that getting fantastic support around me would help grow my business, but it was so scary to actually let my team take over the day to day tasks.

I have found the key is to surround myself with smart, dynamic, like-minded people, who are really good at what they do.

Response By: hcv
4. February 2010 02:14

Location: Brisbane Australia
Type: Mediabank
Contact: Henry Valk

Company Description:
Everything you need for your Digital Signage and Mobile Advertising


Resources, Resources and Resources.

The first resource is cash, without which nothing happens. Start small, sell little things to fund the bigger things, then drop the little things.

The second resource is time, there is no limit to the amount of time required to build a business. Just focus. I realised that 80% of my time was doing things that were not building the business, these are the time wasters and dry gullies we need to identify early. Once you get this sorted, eliminating 80% now gives you now 5 times as much time to focus.

The third resource is skills, finding people who can and do what they say they can. There is only one way to get this right, you must be the expert and only delegate what you can do best yourself. That way, you can quickly recognise the quality of other peoples inputs. Spend your own time doing the things you aren't yet good at, learn them well, then delegate those tasks, and so on.

~an extract from my one page guide to successfull entrepreneurship, ref

Regards and good luck,



Response By: Your Financial Solutions
4. February 2010 01:57

Location: Nationwide
Type: Loan Mods and Debt Settlement
Contact: Larry Potter

Company Description:
We provide loan mods for rentals and personal residences and debt settlement to cut debt from 40% - 60% and halt interest payments.


My biggest challenge was finding a good contact person to handle the client calls that came in. I searched among my former Home Seller Assist team members and located a gentleman with the right qualities down in Texas.

I use several blogs and one website to drive traffic, and send out 150,000 emails per month to double opt-in leads from and use a simple emailer developed for me by Rich Johnson at  I have a video on YouTube under "wallmann33" that shows how easily it works.

Larry Potter


Response By: Heidi Walker - AVON Independent Sales Rep
3. February 2010 20:09

Location: Independence, MO
Type: Beauty
Contact: Heidi Walker

Company Description:
I sell AVON makeup, deodorant, bath, toys, cologne, perfume, clothes, shoes, you name it I probably sell it.


Consistently marketing repeatedly.

It is hard to continue to do something over and over and not get responses or results for weeks, months, or even a year.

I know folks need to feel familiar with a person or company before they buy.

They may need to interact with you a total of 10 times before they decide to buy.

So I have learned to keep plugging away at finding new customers and make certain I keep my return customers happy.



BTW I am giving away FREE Reversalist Day Cream get info at:


Response By: Chai University
3. February 2010 19:06

Location: New York
Type: e-learning
Contact: Chris Allen

Company Description:
Chai University is now enrolling students for its $5,995 On-Line MBA program. Started and run by two Harvard graduates who have taught at Columbia Business School and NYU's Stern School of Management, the program offers the best of up-to-date practice as well as academic theory. Our first class is limited to 250 students. Payment is $249 per class for 24 classes by credit card. All textbooks included via our on-line learning system - saving another $2,000 to 3,000 over other MBA schools! Eliminate student loans. There is no cost to apply and no long-term contract. Personal attention is included with this small class size. Students will learn corporate strategy, managerial economics, marketing, human resources, accounting, statistics, corporate finance, corporate valuation, financial modeling and projections, entrepreneurship, business law and ethics, and can chose from 60 electives in areas such as social entrepreneurship and sustainability. Unlike most more well known on-l


My biggest challenge in building a business has been finding the right people to work with. People who see your vision and share your ambitions. Finding the right people may take some time and resources but when you are able to find the right team, work becomes less like work.

I might add that knowing when to end a relationship or a project for that matter and focusing on others will save you many sleepless nights!

Response By: ECI
3. February 2010 17:02

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Type: business advisory and real estate for buyer's only
Contact: k. kemper

Company Description:
for start-ups, for weak firms, and for growing comapanies. [197,000 clients so far] also helping anyone buy any real estate in AZ.


no challenge whatever.  We are the only biz consulting firm in the US that guarantees a specific

ROI when using us.  WE are also the fastest performing firm--starting in 1 min to 2 hours.

NEVER ever waiting more than 2 hours.  OUR clients need help starting now; not tomorrow.

WE also invented the expression "Wow Factor" in 1972.   If your biz does not have

one, why are you there?



Response By: Shulman & Associates / Sandler Training
3. February 2010 14:57

Location: Central New Jersey
Type: Sales Force Development, Training
Contact: Pam Wasserman

Company Description:
Become a teacher - Earn a prestigious online Master's degree from USC! - From Master of Arts in Teaching Profile Edit My Profile View My Profile Pam Wasserman VP, Sales - Shulman & Associates Location Greater New York City Area Industry Professional Training & Coaching Pam Wasserman Take the Price out... 23 hours ago Current Vice President of Sales at Shulman & Assoc. Sandler Training VP Sales at Shulman & Assoc. Sandler Training Past Auxillary Study Coach at Rutgers University Owner at Aliyana Sales Coordination Manager at Extensis Group, LLC National Corporate Trainer at Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals - Elizabeth Arden & Elanco divisions see less... see all... Education Sandler Sales Force Development Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Recommendations 9 people have recommended Pam Connections 192 connections Websites My Company BNI - HAWKS My Blog Twitter NEW Success_Guru


The biggest challenge in the last year has been helping business owners, Presidents, Executive Sales Leaders to understand that the Economy Is Not The Boss of You.

We have presented  pro-bono sessions to help business's understand Why salespeople fail and what to do about it in today's tough economy. Our presentations are by invitation only and we serve lunch when we do this on our campus. We have been invited by networking groups, Associations and Banks and CPA firms as well. We promise to give at least one good solution to help start moving your revenues to the next level. This has been a very cost effective marketing program that has helped us retain new clients and has provided a working referral network.

Response By: The HolFord Group, LLC
3. February 2010 00:19

Location: Temecula, California
Type: Small Business and Employee Benefit Specialists
Contact: Steve Holcomb, President

Company Description:
We specialize in helping small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) protect and grow their business, control their costs, and improve their bottom line at a net zero cost to the business. We also offer the BEST Employee Benefit in North America at no cost and no risk to the employer that reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and reduces healthcare costs. We service clients in the United States and Canada.


1.  The "fear" factor, until I realized that I can truly help people and businesses - that my service fills a great void in the North American landscape.  My desire to be a help has more than compensated for the "fear" that we all experience.  Additionally, my clients readily recognize my desire to help, too, making the job much easier.

2.  Learning that you can't say the right thing to the wrong client, you can't say the wrong thing to the right client.  We've learned to present our service and let it do the talking.  A client in need of our service will recognize it immediately and sign up.  For every "no", I am paid an average of $500+ in commissions.  That realization is a real motivator!

Response By: Social Media Delivered
2. February 2010 23:04

Location: Can be Global! - thanks to the internet.
Type: Consulting - Marketing - Training
Contact: Del Wratten

Company Description:
Social Media Delivered offers consulting, training and marketing services specializing in social media campaigns for individuals and organizations. We leverage the power of LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging to bring the right people together to get our clients’ goals accomplished. All We Do Is Social Media! (and we can do it all in English, Spanish, and French)


One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is effective marketing.   Marketing is something that many small businesses fail to include in their budgets or try to do it themselves on a shoe string budget.  Marketing is a specialized area and all businesses need to market themselves to grow initially and then maintain marketing to continue to grow.

Thankfully, in today's world we now have the endless possibilities of Social Media.  And here is your next big challenge.  How do you master this new skill set?

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could deliver it to you on a platter?  Well they can!  I am a Client Advocate for Social Media Delivered.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss how we can help you overcome one of your biggest challenges - cost effective marketing of your business.


Response By: Rising Son IETC
2. February 2010 21:55

Location: Virtual
Type: Marketing/Retail
Contact: Nathan A Berry

Company Description:
Rising Son Import Export Trading Company is dedicated to bringing our customers the best products and services from merchants around the globe. Our goal is to provide our customers with a convenient and safe place to go shopping. What better location than your own home!! Visit merchants from The United Kingdom, Russia, Africa, France, Italy, The Orient, Spain, North and South America from the security of your home and have what you want shipped to your front door when you want. Rising Son IETC looks to provide through our merchants the best quality products and services at the most affordable price possible. Rising Son IETC Bringing The World To Your Front Door and Putting The Universe At Your Fingertips


My current challenge is getting customers to do more than window shop.  Stay tuned for the next episode in this unfolding drama.

Response By: ICT SPRING
2. February 2010 19:06

Location: Luxembourg
Type: european business events
Contact: Fabien Amoretti

Company Description:
The first edition of ICT Spring will take place in Luxembourg, on March 15th and 16th. 80 international speakers, two days of conferences, workshops, business speed-dating sessions and high-level meetings to explain the latest technological evolutions, essential for the development of international players. Elitist, international, business-oriented and centered around the strongest sectors, ICT Spring invites you to : * Be at the very heart of business trends ICT Spring is as much business as technology oriented and explains the environments in which excelling could make all the différence : eCommerce, Intellectual Property,legal archiving, cloud computing, green IT, resilience… * Establish essential and international contacts If you want to be seen, form alliances, meet prescriptors and potential European clients, be at the the centre of the communauty and increase your visibility on the market, Luxembourg will be a key step in your development in 2


The biggest challenge was to gather energies from very various local and international actors, end users like CEOs or CIOs, people from the consultancy side, various institutes, medias and blogs... and make this event happen.

We have solve this challenge by being deeply honest with the goals we want to achieve, the people we wish to gather and the long term relationship we seek with all stakeholders in this adventure.

Response By: Total Back Office Solutions Limited
2. February 2010 09:00

Location: Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK
Type: Back Office Services for Recruitment Agencies
Contact: Stewart Roberts

Company Description:
TBOS provides comprehensive outsourced back office services designed specifically for contract recruitment agencies


Our biggest challenge has been getting ourselves in front of the recruitment consultants we are trying to help.  Our ideal situation would be to go into any large agency, ask for a list of top producers and invite them all to a seminar on how easy it is to set up and run your own recruitment agency... but no agency would let us through the door knowing that they would lose all their top staff! 

Our solution is to get our name known in the recruitment industry... little comments, open discussions, using Facebook and LinkedIn... but mainly talking to as many different people as possible and telling them what we do.  It has been slow starting with lots of preparation and planning but we are starting to notice the phone ringing into our office instead of out of it...  But the main thing is for us not to take our eye off the ball for a second and become complacent... or someone else will come into the market place and business will be lost as easily as it is won!

Response By: Mona vie
2. February 2010 04:22

Location: Burnsville
Type: MLM
Contact: Rita

Company Description:
Company foucused on health and wealth. MLM company that helps you Invite Tast and Share (I.T.S.) and build a business by it.


A: Finding like minded people that are looking for an opportunity.  People have been so beaten down in today’s world that they don't believe in dreaming.  They don't believe in themselves and because they are afraid of failure they decide it is not worth trying.  It is a struggle to try and show people the gifts and abilities that are inside themselves and have them use them!  Having people remember they can be part of the 1% of people who are great and try even after failing like Henry Ford or they can be like the people that never tried because they didn't want to fail and live their life their one and only life not trying. 

Response By: The Brand Ascension Group
2. February 2010 03:08

Location: Colorado Springs Colorado
Type: Internal Brand Definition & Implementation
Contact: Suzanne Tulien

Company Description:
Pioneers of the first ever, comprehensive brand-defining e-course designed specifically for small to medium sized companies: 'IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS BRAND DNA' The Brand Ascension Group is a multi-faceted, experiential branding firm. Through consulting, training, coaching and speaking, we partner with visionary organizations to achieve transformational and sustainable brand success from the INSIDE OUT. We do this by guiding them to define, create, and build powerful brand experiences that engage, captivate and inspire customers, employees and all stakeholders. Please visit our website at


This is a great question and something that we take seriously. Challenges arise constantly for small businesses. It is the challenges of customer loyalty, customer price sensitivity, and customer championship that are at the heart of keeping businesses running and growing. We have a sollution to small business growth success.

STOP MARKETING, for now, START BRANDING! Yes, you heard right - stop funneling money into marketing, when it is not exposure that you are needing, but rather, a more compelling BRAND! Branding starts internally, at the core of the business. If you have not taken the time to define your brand's DNA - then you will continue to lose your marketing dollar's potential. This is the secret to small business success. Define, create and build your brand now, online, and within 30 days you will be running your business differently, more compellingly, and with clear differentiators. You will learn to OUT-BEHAVE your competition. If you're ready to do things differently, take a look at this program You will get out of it what you put into it and it will change the way you run your business.

IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS BRAND DNA...Because Your Brand Is Your Business!

Response By: Smart Target
1. February 2010 20:31

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Type: Business 2 Consumer Marketing & Promotion
Contact: Jennipher Brown

Company Description:
Business 2 Consumer Marketing & Promotion. No where else can local business put their information and samples directly into the hands of their hand pick of the working class. We are the connection that makes the difference~


Just gettting the word out about who we are and what we do and buliding trust. This is over come with an investment in our own marketing and promotion and with keeping our word on service while building contacts and relationships. Central Ohio and surrounding areas.

Response By: Design Accents, LLC
1. February 2010 20:21

Location: Arizona
Type: Product Development, Placement, DRTV
Contact: Brenda Patterson

Company Description:
We take retail ready products to big box brick and mortar stores and electronic (QVC/HSN) stores, as well as create infomercials and help with product development.


Getting products into brick and mortar retail without product branding or consumer awareness.

We put teams together to afford infomercials for inventors/entrepreneurs  to help brand their product and create consumer awareness.

Response By: Marwa
1. February 2010 18:55

Location: Al Khobar
Type: Web Design
Contact: Customers Services

Company Description:
we do web design , web development and e-commerce website. our solutions support all online payment methods. have free to contact us for our services and get free quote


We find excellent human resources and pay them. We didn't overcome this problem, but I try to find excellent characters and train them. Should they have self development skills and good communiction skills as well so training and teching them will be easier.

I hope we find investors to make things work faster. We have many projects and our company is growing fine.

Response By: Final Touches
1. February 2010 18:54

Location: Blowing Rock, NC
Type: Retail
Contact: Susan & Agatios Vrikkis

Company Description:
Chiminea Express and Final Touches are both owned by Blowing Rock Imports, a small family business. Chiminea Express is the name our web site predominately aimed at Mexican Chimineas. Final Touches consists of three shops located in the North Carolina mountains. We opened our first shop in downtown Blowing Rock twelve years ago. Our second store in Foscoe opened in the summer of 2001. Our newest location in downtown Banner Elk opened in May of 2005. Blowing Rock and Banner Elk are both beautiful mountain towns with many recreational activities...a great place for a family to vacation. In the shops, we sell a variety of unique gifts, along with home and garden accents. Many of the products on our website and in our shop are imported directly by us. Internet orders are packaged and shipped out of our Banner Elk Store, which also functions as our warehouse. We do all of our own shipping, we are not a drop ship web business.


Some of the biggest challenges we faced when first starting our business included finding merchandise and vendors that would suit our business and our diverse mix of customers.  We needed to find the right vendors for the longevity of our business. In order to overcome this challenge we partook in trial and error. We travel the world and visit trade shows to find what best suits our clientele.




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