Response By: P.O.P. Broadcasting Co., Inc.
7. April 2010 16:42

Location: Houston, Texas USA
Type: in store advertising/communications media
Contact: Earl Littman

Company Description:
Please send me your dirct email and we will send you our business plan including a complete description of our needs. Thanks!


"Angels" have participaterd with $2.9M, including my personal $500,000+ and Sanmina-Sci, the world's second largest contract electronic manufacturer has a 56% equity stake as a result of $3.6M IN-KIND investment.  Total raised $6.5M.

Seeking immediate funding to conduct a test program with Coca-Cola in South Brazil in Walmart and Zafira the two largest supermarket chains controlling 70% market share. Need $150,000 from probably private equity.

With success of the Coca-Cola program we need $7M to expand throughout Latin and South America. Then another $25M to enter India, China, Asia, Europe and Australia, etc. which will probably come from V.C.'s.

Response By: Virtual Assisting
19. March 2010 02:22

Location: Grand Rapids Mi
Type: Administrative Support
Contact: Deborah Kitchen

Company Description:
Administrative Support via my virtual office.


I've considered getting a part-time evening job as to avoid any debt. I'm not in hurry already have and enjoy my day job. 

Response By: Iberian Business development Company
18. March 2010 10:25

Location: La Coruna, Spain
Type: Business Development
Contact: Barry D. Baguley

Company Description:
Entry point for non-Spanish/Portuguese manufacturers in to these markets - safely, securely and professionally. Our team offers a variety of tasks - market research, setting up a distributor network, promting your product to the end users and much more. Our latest service on offer since March 10th 2010 is our RAPID RESPONSE SOLUTION - ideal for non- European companies who for logistical and administrative reasons would prefer to have a local partner. We carry out this entire process over a 3 month period. Lately we are being asked to carry out jobs outside of Spain/Portugal due to our extensive network of contacts in the UK and even Brazil


This is quite an interesting subject. When I decided to start this business, I had to think about how I would fund it. The main problem being that I am starting on a low budget. decisions had to be made - Do I look for an angel? Do I ask family? Do I go to my bank?

I had heard many horror stories - partners running off with money, relations left penniless, angels who promised the world and gave hell. So I was very skeptical.

I had 2 choices - Get some additional and effectively double my starting capital, or try and go it alone with what I have.

I took the second choice - What has it meant?

It has meant that I have to maximise networking possibilities, look for cheap advertising, and above all work towards getting customers quickly. And this has been a very good learning experience. I have been forced to find every possible free or very cheap avenue to get my company out there. My best return by far has come from Linked In, although it is the one I have worked the hardest. With my website, I asked a multitude of companies for quotes to design, and they ranged from 2000 to 8000 Euros. I did it myself (yes it is basic) for FREE. I have done advertising with google ads where you only pay for clicks to your site. I have made a strenuous effort to keep travel costs down, use Skype and built my office at home.

So I havent got much money, but I have finessed some very important business practices in terms of keeping expenditure down.

What I do recommend, regardless of whether you have funding or not, is to follow the best money saving practices you can. If you do have funding your "helper" should see this very positively and as responsible. From a personal point of view you should also be satisfied.

The fact I didnt take funding has an up-side and a down-side. The up-side is if I lose it all nobody is hurt, and I owe nothing to no-one. The downside means that I effectively have half the time to make my business self-sufficient than if I had taken funding.





Response By: Regal Capital
13. March 2010 20:51

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Type: Finance
Contact: Mark Al Nouri

Company Description:
We provide equity capital for Tech Companies who want to enter the Middle East Markets


We were funded originally by leading investors in the Middle East and Europe.  We look for companies with a unique product or service that would be successful in the Arab markets.  We assist both in funding and it help to promote our portfolio company's products in the Persian Gulf markets.




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