How FastDue Works For Creative Businesses
You’re a graphic designer (or a freelance photographer, or a writer, or a web designer). You’ve got a great eye and people love your work. You need a simple and easy way to invoice your clients and get paid faster so that you can focus on your creative work.
FastDue Invoices
Try the free FastDue invoicing system. Unlike accounting software, FastDue is simple, intuitive and convenient to use. You find that you can:
  • Easily create and send free invoices customized with your logo and header messages.
  • Set up a free, secure account to keep your customized invoices in memory.
  • Attach supporting documentation.
  • Send invoices instantly by e-mail and print out copies to file or send via snail mail.
  • Give your clients the option of paying your bill immediately online with PayPal or credit cards.
  • Allow your clients to instantly query invoice line items via the messaging option.
  • Keep all your invoices well-organized and accessible wherever you have internet access.
Past Due Notices
Suddenly, sending out the invoices isn’t quite such a dreaded chore and you set aside time every day or week to deal with accounts payable. However, you still have a few clients who have gotten into the habit of paying invoices late. That’s when you explore the free Past Due invoice form. You can:
  • Set it up to send out repeat reminders automatically.
  • Create an electronic paper trail.
  • Remind clients about misplaced or overlooked invoices.
  • Maintain a professional third-party layer between you and your client.
Online Agreements
As your business begins to run more smoothly and profitably with FastDue’s free invoicing system you realize that you’ve been relying on handshake deals too much and that you and your client don’t always understand the deal quite the same way. Avoid disputes by using FastDue’s free Online Agreement to spell everything out, including:
  • Deadlines
  • Payment dates (usually within 30 days)
  • Project duration and scope
  • Materials
  • Protection of your copyright or trade secret
  • Terms of publication or use
  • Independent contractor status
Complaint Form
Occasionally you might have to deal with a dispute over quality of work, billing hours, non-payment, and so on. Keep it professional by using FastDue’s free Complaint Form to:
  • Set out the problem and proposed solution clearly and simply
  • Negotiate online without misunderstandings
  • Keep an electronic paper trail of the process