1. What is FastDue?
  2. How is FastDue unique?
  3. What are the most popular FastDue features?
  4. How are FastDue invoices and other forms sent?
  5. What is an interactive form or invoice?
  6. How can FastDue's interactive messaging help me run my business?
  7. How can FastDue shorten my collection cycles?
  8. How do FastDue agreements work?
  9. Can I add my own agreements and contracts?
  10. Can I make changes to FastDue's free legal forms and invoices?
  11. How long does it take to learn FastDue?
  12. Do I need to register to use FastDue?
  13. Is FastDue right for me?
  14. Why is FastDue Free?
  15. How can I be sure FastDue is safe and secure?
  16. Does FastDue sell customer information?
  17. I use QuickBooks. Why should I use FastDue?
FastDue is a free, online suite of business productivity tools with free invoicing, interactive billing and collections, and the only live, interactive contract negotiation and execution on the web. We help you get paid faster, save time, and look good with ready-made forms and a robust, easy to use tracking and management system.

FastDue is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, independent contractors and consultants—anyone who wants to save time and reduce overhead while staying organized and looking professional.

FastDue is 100% intuitive, with no learning curve. Most users start typing their first invoice in less time than it takes to read this sentence.
A few ways:
  • FastDue contracts can be negotiated and executed online with electronic signatures—an internet first
  • FastDue forms include interactive messaging
  • FastDue forms are fully customizable with your logo, terms and preferences
  • We offer a comprehensive suite of business tools, not just invoicing or legal forms
  • Our services are 100% free
Our users love FastDue’s simplicity and the freedom to customize our forms and contracts. They also love being able to run their office from their iPhone or other smartphone.

We also get a lot of comments about the Accounts and reporting sections. People appreciate being able to upload and store related documents, like receipts, with their invoices and other forms. It beats searching through separate emails or file cabinets.
You can email forms, print them, or save as PDF files.

The emailed version links to our online form with interactive messaging, so your customer can ask questions or add their comments to the form.
FastDue’s interactive messaging is a way to include messages on our free invoices, free legal forms and free business forms. Each form has a “Comments” field in which you can type a message. The you’re your customer receives also has a Comments field for their messages.
It will help you get paid faster and stay organized.

If your customer has a question about an invoice or contract, they can query you directly on the form. This helps you get contracts signed and invoices paid in record time.

The entire communications history is stored right on the form. You don’t have to go searching to reconstruct what happened. It’s all there in your free online account.
It’s not rocket science: The sooner you send the invoice, the sooner you get paid.

FastDue helps you invoice quickly and automate collections. And using FastDue maintains a professional third-party layer between you and your client. This removes the awkwardness of face to face collections that leads many contractors to delay or even omit followup on delinquent accounts.

Interactive messaging, the ability to accept online payments and bill in any currency also makes collection easier.

You will be amazed at how these simple efficiencies remove collection inertia and shorten your collection cycles.
FastDue contracts and agreements can be drafted, negotiated and executed online with legally binding electronic signatures — an internet first.

Your recipient can respond with a question or add their legally binding electronic signature. It's all done online and stored in your free account.

We suggest you review local laws regarding rare but important electronic signature restrictions before use. We also recommend having your lawyer review any legal documents. You can replace any part of FastDue's contracts with your own terms and language.
For the moment, to add your own agreement or contracts, start with FastDue's blank Agreement Form and cut and paste the text of your own agreement into the text fields. Our Premium service will allow you to upload and save your own forms to use in the FastDue system.

All of FastDue's free legal and business forms and free invoices can be customized with your logo, payment terms, header, message, interest options and more. You can change any part of FastDue’s free legal forms by clicking on the text and typing. You can upload supporting documents, such as receipts, and set automatic payment reminders and past due notices.

We've made the interface completely flexible and intuitive, with all the features visible and accessible on the form, so there's no learning curve.
There’s no learning curve. We’ve made FastDue intuitive and with all the features visible on each form.
No. You can use any of our forms without registering.

However, to store and track your forms, you need to register for an account by submitting your email address and selecting a password. Registration is free.
FastDue was created for small business people by small business people to help run your most important business funtions more effectively. Like most software, you can use all FastDue features or start with those that meet an immediate need. For example, you can use FastDue agreements for quick and cost efficient Non-disclosure, Employment, or other agreements and then try our invoicing and collections at a later date. Alternatively, you can adopt all FastDue services to run your entire back office and administration. Since most of FastDue features are free there is no risk to trying FastDue for any of your business needs.
FastDue is supported by ads. This lets us offer our robust business and productivity tools completely free of charge.

We also offer fee-based Standard and Premium services (coming soon) with added features, including the ability to opt out of advertising.
The safety, privacy and security of your information is our highest priority.

FastDue's security measures include firewall protection, SSL encryption, multiple redundancies, and daily backups to safeguard your data.

For more details about our security measures, see our Privacy and Security page.
Yikes -- No! We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting it.

All information collected on this secure site is absolutely confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned to any third party. We collect your information for billing and contact purposes and any information you provide to us will be used only for those purposes.
FastDue is fun and easy, and offers free tools to accomplish most daily business tasks with zero learning curve. It is not a complete accounting system like QuickBooks. On the other hand, FastDue doesn’t require a training program that reads like a college catalog to become a 'Pro Advisor', as does QuickBooks.

Here are some FastDue features you won’t find in QuickBooks:
  • Interactive messaging — you and your customer can communicate right on the form.
  • Tracking and management system that lets you attach supporting documentation, such as receipts and estimates, to the form or contract for easy access.
  • Free legal contracts and agreements that can be drafted, negotiated and executed online, reducing a process that normally takes days or weeks to minutes.
  • Free invoicing that offers a third-party layer between you and your client. This removes the awkwardness of face to face collections that leads many contractors to delay or even omit follow through on delinquent accounts.