Why FastDue is Invaluable for Landlords
Whether you're renting out a single house or a hundred units, FastDue helps you keep it professional
FastDue Invoices
Get Rents Paid On Time: Use FastDue's free invoicing system as an automatic reminder to tenants to pay rent promptly. With FastDue you can:
  • Easily create and send rent due reminders by email.
  • Customize your invoices with your logo and header message.
  • Send repeat reminders automatically when rent is past due.
  • Add interest or late fees to delinquent accounts.
  • Copy your accountant or bookkeeper on all invoices.
  • Track all of your receivables and payables in your free, secure account.
  • Accept online payment instantly using PayPal or credit card options.
  • Use interactive messaging to discuss any issues with your tenants.
  • Manage your business from anywhere using your web-based account.
Past Due Notices
You may have some tenants who are in the habit of paying the rent late or make an occasional late payment. Let them know that you are on top of your business. Use the FastDue Past Due Notices to:
  • Remind tenants of past due rent.
  • Set up the system to send out repeat reminders automatically.
  • Create an electronic paper trail.
  • Maintain a professional third-party layer between you and your tenant.
Online Agreements
You work with several contractors for landscaping and routine building maintenance and you realize that you’ve been relying on handshake deals too much. You and your contractors don’t always understand the deal the same way. Avoid disputes by using FastDue’s free Online Agreement to spell everything out, including:
  • Agreed upon charges
  • Deadlines and payment dates
  • Materials
  • Independent Contractor Status
  • Penalties for missing deadlines
Complaint Form
Avoid He-Said/She-Said Repair Problems: Ask your tenants to notify you of problems via FastDue's complaint form. With the FastDue free Complaint Form, you can:
  • Keep track of repair requests.
  • Set out the problem and proposed solution clearly and simply
  • Negotiate online without misunderstandings
  • Keep an electronic paper trail of the process
Centralize Your Paperwork
Ask repair people, lawn services etc. to bill using FastDue's free system, helping you to keep track of expenses.