• Earn $59 per account the 1st year plus $29 recurring yearly income.

  • Downstream referrals earn $29 per year.

We make it easy.

FastDue Tools and links get site visitors started.

Small-Business Tools

Great for small business, start-ups, freelancers, professionals, SOHOs.

FastDue Plus lets them . . .
  • invoice, collect, create legal documents — securely from the Web or via iPhone
  • access important business documents anywhere, anytime
  • add electronic execution to their business agreements
  • project personality and branding in standard business documents
  • reduce overhead, collect faster, and stay organized.
  • more...

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Earn $59 per referred account the 1st year, plus $29 recurring yearly income.*
    Each new referred FastDue Plus subscription brings a significant Year 1 payment, plus earnings for the life of the account.
    Earnings based on minimum $9.95 monthly subscription price and 12-month subscription. See program details.
  • Compound your earnings with downstream referral income.
    When a customer referred by you refers a new customer, you get an additional 25% income stream. (See FAQ)
  • We make it easy
    • Add FastDue Small-Business Tools to your Website or include the FastDue tracking link in your email or newsletter list
    • Start collecting level 1 commissions from anyone who signs up from your Website. 50% first year, 25% thereafter — on all FastDue Plus subscriptions and FastDue Basic advertising revenue. (See FAQ).
    • Start collecting level 2 commissions from all downstream referrals. And 25% of all revenues from FastDue Plus or FastDue Basic ads. Check your accounts monthly to track all new revenues generated from your referral network.

Add Small-Business Tools to your website, and watch your conversions grow.

  • Click a tool to try it.
  • Lets your visitors launch FastDue Smalll-Business Tools directly from your site.
  • Extend your brand—add your company name to the tool menu, and to the business forms themselves. (See details).
  • Earn ongoing commissions on FastDuePlus subscriptions, and share in FastDue Basic advertising revenue.(See details). You can benefit when your referrals open either type of FastDue account.